Notes from #barcampnfp

Copying my notes live from the barcampnfp sessions. Apologies for brevity and typos…

One friend donated, so I donated.
Cartoon – fantasy hospital
Took everyone who donated, got twitter pics, and animated into a film.
The gut cracker
Inspired me to follow the film. Sub $10 level.
Personalisation. Charity water.
Diabetes uk to thank vine.
Identify key influencers to target.
Also make medals for fundraising. Ones who tweet a lot, or share JG pages a lot.
Better than CEO, a beneficiary thank you.
What about offline thank you’d.
Why would you post a thank you to an online donor? @nfpdata
How can we do ongoing thanks
Followed rnli in twitter, sent me a code to get money off in the shop.
Wiggle – get sweets in the post
What’s the psychology behind giving?
Reciprocity, feel good about yourself and make (see?) a difference.
Warm donors are better prospects if thanked properly.
Traditional fundraiser not quite up to speed with digital.
Trad DM tries to upswell everyone to £5 monthly, then you go to cash and they’re not interested.
Digital can breach the engagement gap as it’s cheap to do. Digital fills in the gaps for trad media.
Got to join the dots between digital social profile and charity db entries.

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