Work with me

Work with me

If you need help with your startup, charity, social enterprise or agency, I am available on a short term or ongoing basis to work directly with your teams as a product consultant.

Contact me via LinkedIn or via the website.

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I can help with

Product Strategy and vision

Growth tactics

Idea generation, validation & discovery

Building high performing (product) teams

All things product management

I have experience of…

High growth consumer websites 📈

Speaking to actual customers 😎

Mobile app development (iOS and Android) 📱

Agile development 🌊🚫

AB and MVT testing 🤓

Analytics implementation and use (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Segment, KissMetrics) 💯

Workflow mapping and processes 🔀

Ecommerce — conversion optimisation and fraud prevention 💰

Running effective workshops and meetings 🤹‍

Vendor comparison and selection ⚖️

Product discovery 🕵️‍

Leveraging network effects for organic growth 🕸

Media training 🎤

API integrations (particularly Facebook APIs) 🔑

Failing fast and learning quickly🤦‍

The brilliant UK charity sector 👊

Crowdfunding 💁

And a lot of other random things like… presenting awards evenings. See my full work history on LinkedIn.


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