On Storify: a conference must

I’ve been finding storify a really great tool for note-taking at conferences recently, as it gives you an easy way to collect your own, and more importantly, others’ thoughts together around a topic. Too many times I look in my iPhone notes app and find useful (but random) things I noted down and meant to take action on that I never did.

It’s the same at most conferences I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a lot (as my collection of lanyards testifies): you might jot down the odd idea or url to follow up, but I never get round to writing things up and sending them round the team. With storify, especially the pretty slick iPad app, pulling all that content together is easy so the effort to share it later and collate learnings is simple. The way you can pull in a stream of tweets on a particular hashtag and pull them into your story, complete with images, just makes that *curation* super simple.

Storify has been really useful for a couple of quite different events in the last few months: from pure note taking from barcampnfp (a marked improvement on note taking through the blog) to collecting mine and others’ views of the morning and afternoon sessions from the recent Facebook mobile developer conference. Having captured all that great info of the Facebook talks in particular, I shot out an email to the whole team sharing what I’d learnt before the end of the day, and I then re-used a lot of that content to tell a longer story of what Facebook integration we should be looking at next too: note taking that helped me do actual work – win!

Oh, and here’s me on storify in the unlikely event you want to follow the collection of notes I take from random conferences.

And if you’re interested in how Facebook approach mobile dev and their latest user stats, storify yourself up!


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