Last Friday I spent the day (incidentally my first Friday working for a couple of years) at the annual Mind the Product conference. As the name suggests, it’s all about product. So when we weren’t debating over the collective noun for Product Managers (an ‘Epic‘ was the preferred choice), we heard all sorts of product wisdom from wise product people.

My biggest takeaway was from the last session of the day, by Ken Norton from Google Ventures. His point was to challenge everyone to think big. Think how you can grow your product by 10X not 10%. And that, in some cases, it might actually be easier to even think that way to come up with revolutionary ideas that will really change the world (or your product). This is the Google X view, which I saw Astro Teller talk about at SXSW earlier this year (which I still haven’t blogged about, oops), and it does really force you to expand your horizons. Next meeting I have about numbers, I’ll see what happens when we look for 10X growth…

Anyway, as I’ve written about before, I like to use Storify to collect notes from the sessions and give me at least some hope of referring back to them after the conference is over. So here’s all of those storifys (storifies?) in their glorious embedded detail for you (in reality, just me) to enjoy…

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