On social, mobile and awards

Over the last few months I’ve given a few talks, mainly on the themes of social and mobile (with the notable exception of an awards ceremony). I’ve been talking about this theme (read: going on about it) for a while, but it’s been good to pull together a couple of presentations and a blog post to sum up my thoughts. Maybe I can start talking about something else soon instead…

Going mobile, being social

Anyway, here are the slides from the IoF Convention this Summer where I talked about going mobile and being social alongside Lynn Sutton from Facebook:


And if they don’t make that much sense without a commentary, I also did an interview with Ravinol from Be Inspired Films on the topic:

Growing your audience with mobile and social

I also gave a similar  talk at the IoF iFundraising conference in September, trying to focus on more practical steps that charities could take on board. I blogged about these the IoF site and the JG blog as 6 tips for growing your audience on mobile and social, and the slides are below:


During the day I gave a short interview to Rebecca from charity digital news, where I was thinking more about what I’d do if I was a smaller charity trying to take my advice. Read that over here.

The JG Awards

By far and away the most fun speaking gig I get to do is the JG Awards. This year was our fifth event and my fifth year MC-ing, so it feels like an old friend I only get to speak to once a year. It was another amazing night, full of incredible stories and possibly a few dodgy puns too.  Here’s the video just in case you want to see my gaffe of starting to read the announcers script instead of mine when first getting to the stage – I promise I wasn’t just saying hello to the laydeeez….




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  1. […] The funny thing about putting this talk together was that I realised I often didn’t take my own advice and it made me work a bit harder on putting more structure to my talks and thinking more about the delivery. I even nabbed some slide templates from my presentation skills talk for an external talk, and you can see the before and after versions on my previous blog post. […]

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