My notes from #f8 – anonymous login, mobile likes and a #sherylselfie

I’ve been lucky enough to be in San Francisco this week for Facebook’s F8 developer conference. It’s been a really interesting experience altogether, being in the epicentre of the startup world and visiting the likes of Pinterest and Facebook’s offices to see what it’s like. But F8 was a conference on a whole new level – the scale, slickness and content were of a level I’ve not experienced before. It was a little bewildering at times, especially given the vast amount of information being shared, but I tried to capture as much content as I could using Storify, Flickr, Twitter, and (of course) Facebook so I had some notes to look back on and figure out what it meant for us.

Facebook announced so much that it’s pretty hard to distil it, but I tried to pick out the most useful titbits for each part and storify the hell out of it. But possibly the most exciting part was saying hello to Sheryl Sandberg and getting a #sherylselfie.


As a relatively new parent of a lovely little girl, I love what she’s doing with the #banbossy campaign: she’s a great role model for girls. But anyway, apart from that excitement, here’s all the notes I took from three chunks – the keynote, the latest on building stuff and what’s new in growth.

Keynote notes (key notes?)


What’s new about building stuff

How to grow with Facebook

So, what does that all mean?

In the unlikely event that you’ve read this far, er, I, er, dunno. Still haven’t quite digested the epic amounts of information shared to think about the big picture. But I do know that we’ll have a fair bit of work to do off the back of this, that some things may make our lives a little harder, but plenty will make our lives easier too – and probably help us help people raise that bit extra via Facebook.

I also know that I felt incredibly lucky to be invited and to be able to fly halfway across the world to attend. I hope I get invited back next year…


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