Social sharing

One of the features I became known for at JustGiving was an obsession focus on social sharing – both in terms of technology and the content shared. We were one of the first sites to be able to demonstrate the ROI of Facebook when I worked out that one Facebook share was worth £5 in donations.

Through rounds and rounds of AB testing, we were able to optimise sharing across the site to raise millions more, as I wrote about on the Optimizely blog.

I was proud to have been responsible for a number of world firsts when it came to social sharing, all that have now become standard across the charity industry and others.

  • Like button on a fundraising page

  • Tweet button on a fundraising page

  • Post donation sharing

  • WhatsApp sharing on mobile app

  • WhatsApp sharing on mobile

  • WhatsApp sharing on desktop

  • FB Messenger sharing on mobile app and mobile web

  • Share pop-up on Crowdfunding website

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