I’ve had the pleasure of working with some excellent organisations using digital to change the world. Here’s how I’ve helped them.

Consulted for a series B tech for good startup

Goal: help the organisation become more customer focussed and launch new products to the right audience at the right price

  • Designed go-to-market plan for its B2B SaaS platform, including researching pricing levels and feature tiers
  • Introduced a culture of customer focussed user research to help validate and prioritise features
  • Delivered both an experimentation and growth framework to enable them to accelerate growth and learning
  • Worked closely with Director of Product on defining the product vision and various product roadmaps

Consulted for an innovation agency on behalf of a large UK charity

Goal: to validate a business model for a new range of physical products designed to help people with a particular medical condition

  • Conducted workshops and ran online community to generate insights
  • Prioritised insights and found biggest product opportunities
  • Designed marketing and testing strategy, to build two near identical webshops to demonstrate ROI and CPA between prototype products and existing products
  • Analysed product and marketing data to demonstrate success of test and highlighting areas to focus
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Mentored a product leader at an EdTech startup

Goal: increase the confidence and communication skills of the product leader

  • How to balance long term and short term business objectives in the roadmap
  • How to refine and enact a product vision
  • How to run effective sprints
  • Working out how to prioritise different product features

Consulted for a grant-giving charity

Goal: redesign a grant application process through user-centred design

  • Collated user needs and business needs
  • Identified key customer and business goals
  • Designed full end-to-end wireframes and built fully functional prototype
  • Conducted user testing of wireframes
  • Briefed development agency on the technical build
  • Advised on analytics tracking and which KPIs to track

(Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash)