Open graph now open for service on JG

Back in October, I wrote about one of Facebook’s latest BETA features and how I was quite excited about its potential (see Grammar as a platform and sentences as a service – Facebook’s new open graph). After the open graph (or Timeline apps, as they’re known) went live in January earlier this year, there have been quite a few success stories of apps/products getting massive exposure and hockey stick shaped usage graphs as a result. Notable winners have been the Guardian and social media flavour of the month Pinterest.

Having seen their success and thought long and hard about how we could integrate, it was very exciting to hear from Facebook themselves a couple of weeks ago asking how our integration was going – as they were looking for some new apps to promote for a big European launch. Luckily, we were in the middle of working on the integration, so it was perfect timing.  I say it was perfect timing, although it would have been better to not be releasing the new feature on the day of the demo – especially as one of the features we released was just an idea on Friday and live by the following Thursday. That’s by a long way the quickest turnaround of any product from inception to release I’ve ever been involved in. Even the tech guys at Facebook were impressed at our speed, *beams*.

Anyway, it was very exciting to be invited to Amsterdam last week to demo our new app. Cue excited tweet…

Essentially the new integration allows you to share messages on Facebook about “donating to a fundraising page” and “thanking a donor” in the newsfeed, ticker and on timeline. And it’s the aggregations I’m most excited about, showing on a timeline the friends people have sponsored, charities they’ve given to as well as how much they gave (if that’s public). See this blog post for more, but you get a flavour from the screenshot below. It’s interesting and tells you things you might not know or remember, that’s the key.

So anyway, as a result of this, we got a bunch of great coverage in places from The Next Web to the Telegraph, not to mention in Facebook’s Christian Hernandez’s keynote at the The Next Web conference (see video here). But my particular favourite headline was in T3: “JustGiving launches Facebook timeline widget to aid humanity“. Can’t say more than that.

I’m really excited to see how this works out for us, and will no doubt be banging on about the stats when it does (look forward to that), but it’s nice to get some coverage about our tech work for once. We’ve got a stellar development team and I think (naturally) that we do a lot of innovative work, but that is not always acknowledged in the sector.

Now I just need to get back to working on the next product to aid humanity…(!)


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