Musing on blogs (aka the self-indulgence starts)

It is really stupidly easy to start blogging on It’s been a while since I blogged at the old JG blog (which is still live, and shouldn’t be…) which was a hosted site. Now our blogs (all 3 of them – for runners, the main blog, and for charities) are self-hosted, so we have  more flexibility, but I wanted to get something up quick; hence being here.

The first blog I ever wrote (it was fairly shameful, although I’m a little sad that it’s gone to the great content graveyard in the sky…) was on community server software back in 2006. I vaguely remember that it wasn’t great to use. From there I took over the runnings of the JG charities blog (on Typepad – and started to get a better understanding of what I wanted from a blog, and what they could do.

Anyway, I wanted a theme with a few columns so I could pull in feeds from all the other places I write content (laziness ftw!) so I’ve gone with Fjords04 by Peterandrej (who I want to think is an Eastern European Peter Andre lookalike). I was tempted by Grid Focus by Derek Punsalan but it’s a bit too plain, however much I love clean and simple web design.

So now I’m here. But I’ll probably move to a self-hosted blog sometime soon. At which point I’ll probably write an equally riveting post about that process…

There’s nothing like being original and ahead of the curve (as the lovely Annie Mole wrote aeons ago):

Britain Going Blog Crazy - Metro Article


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