I have been working in product for a start up for 4 years and am at a stage in my company where I need to start owning the product long term strategy. It was helpful to talk over product vision and how to form a long term roadmap with Jonathan,  as well as how to involve and communicate it to a SLT.

Fred, Head of Product

Three benefits of Jonathan consulting with us were 1) Honest, practical advice that is focussed on solutions 2) Very logical structure, process and approach to deliver 3) Commitment to evidence/ objective assumptions testing that reduces bias and champions user/ honours the process

Duncan, Project Manager

Jonathan has a keen eye for detail and keen understanding of how to get minimum marketable feature to market. He’s always got the users best interests at heart, is a great team builder and brings a thoughtful and reasoned approach to all of his work, products, and projects.

Lee, Head of Product

I can’t begin to recall the number of times I’ve been both surprised and impressed by Jonno’s (sic) deep level of technical understanding and sharp analytical mind. This enables him to engage in deep discussions with engineers and be involved in important technical decisions.

Daniel, Developer

He takes a lean test and learn approach to product development that is always focused on growth. Not only is he at home directing a product team, but his skillset spans growth marketing, with a particular focus on the way better integrating social media into the product flow can improve conversion rates.

Jack, Marketer

Since the moment he joined the mobile team he gave it a clear direction by gaining insights and understanding of app users and using these insights intelligently as the basis for steering the product forward.

Alwyn, Developer