The Times they are a chargin (yeah someone else has probably done that already)

I’m intrigued by the new Times website, and whether it will work sitting behind a paywall, so I’ve subscribed to their email updates. Here’s one I received today:

Dear Jonathan,
As a sneak peak of the video soon to be available at, we offer you a glimpse inside Downing Street on that momentous day.
It is the creation of photographer, Alison Jackson, renowned (and notorious) for her Fake Take videos, and is exclusive to the new site. You can see more of her work during your preview of, as well as a wealth of other exciting and intriguing video.
Your free preview starts soon. We hope you enjoy it.
The Times and The Sunday Times

So, you’re the first major newspaper in the UK to start charging for content and you entice readers to pay for access with… fake videos of David Cameron and Nick Clegg playing cricket?

Is that really the best they can do?


One response to “The Times they are a chargin (yeah someone else has probably done that already)”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chris Thorpe, Jonathan Waddingham. Jonathan Waddingham said: So the Times are enticing people to pay to access, er, fake videos? Compelled me to rant on my own blog! […]

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