About me

Hello! My name is Jonathan Waddingham, and this is my website (and that’s me below – my face doesn’t actually look like a full English).

I currently work as a product manager at JustGiving, having previously been digital strategist, charity champion and a couple of other things too (see Linkedin for details). I tend to speak and blog a lot about how charities can use the web (especially social media) to be better at what they do. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, I’ve shared a *lot* of presentations on slideshare.

In product I’ve worked on improving the consumer side of JG (sponsors, donors, fundraisers) to help people raise more, which involved spending a lot of time making the site more social through integration with social networks – mainly Facebook. I’ve spent a lot of time working on apps/buttons/integrations with Facebook. From August 2012, I’ve been focussed on doing more ‘social’ work and some top secret ‘labs’ projects (yes, we have a ‘lab’ too).

I joined JustGiving back in 2005 and have been learning about the charity world, and the web, ever since. I feel very lucky to work with, and to have worked with, some very smart people.

For some reason, I also like to take photos of food I’ve cooked and share that with people. I should also warn you that I like puns a lot. Too much, many have said (you can never have too many puns is what I say).

I’m a massive fan of charities, and people who raise money for charities. Oh, and the internet. I like the internet a lot.

Do say hi here, on Twitter or on Google+.